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instax photo album

A year or so ago I picked up an Instax Mini camera on a lark and quickly discovered that having physical photographs is good actually. I also quickly discovered that I needed a place to put them and got a couple of ebay grade albums. Neither of these albums seem to have been designed to be fully filled with pictures- instax films are pretty thick and with about 2/3 of the pages filled, the albums start to look a little V.

So I cut a couple of pages out and turned them into a separate album.

For the binding: accordion folded muslin with the edges turned under and stitched. Each page is sandwiched between two peaks of the accordion fold. Next time I would double the width of the muslin so that the hems met in the middle instead of having seam allowance bulk at the edges only. I think it would be neater. Sewing through the plastic material of the pages killed the sewing machine needle.

muslin accordion fold
muslin accordion fold with pages sewn in

Sew the other side of the accordion fold closed so that it doesn’t sprawl open like that.

accordion fold sewn shut

For the cover: I laminated some scrap card stocks together until it was pretty and punched holes through to make the sewing easy. I stitched the inside through the holes first, and then hid the stitching for the outside under the muslin.

covers: outside and inside with lines for hole punch placement
outer cover with interior stitching showing
interior with muslin sewn to the cover
outside with black bound spine

I’m not completely satisfied with the stitching on the inside but (hopefully I don’t have to do this again) next time I will give myself a little bit more room to work with the muslin and I think that will flatten it right out.