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singer no 66 rundown no 2

Right so as I said in the previous post, the wooden cabinet suffered a lot of water damage. The four screws that hold the base of the lift arm are not in steady wood/the holes are stripped. The hole that the sewing machine comes up through is sufficiently warped that it cannot be lifted through while it is bolted in place. Additionally the sewing machine sits on top of the woodwork and is visibly warping/exacerbating existing damage.

I imagine that the sewing machine is supposed to sit level and even with the table surface. I am not sure that the table surface(s) could be effectively refinished because of the warping and separation. The brass hardware seems to be in good condition. The steel hardware has surface rust.

lift arm

It’s a pretty hefty spring for a pretty heavy machine.

In the above picture, the left corner hits the wood instead of passing by it with close clearance. The sewing machine is supposed to sit on tabs protruding from the panel along the body of the machine- instead it sits on top of that panel.

the wood on the hinge side is also warped

I found a bit of rust inside the machine, but none of it is on bearing surfaces. I’m going to try to remove it and oil the pitting to discourage any further development.

I oiled the belt with boot leather oil and stitched it back into place. The bobbin winder is missing a critical rubber piece, so I wound a bobbin on the Featherweight. Replaced the needle. Adjusted the tension. It sews very nicely. Getting the treadle started is a bit of an adventure but I imagine practice makes perfect and so on. Needle up is wherever all that iron wants it to be.

I am planning pulling out what parts of the mechanism that I can in order to remove the oil varnishing and properly oil and grease all of the bearing surfaces, and try to reduce the needle lift click.

I have a new belt and the piece that the bobbin winder is missing coming in the mail.

Table is type 2 from

Most of the cabinetry has reverse threaded screws.

Drive belt length: 5 foot 8 inches

Serial number: G7838783 -> Oct 5 1910, one of 30,000 allotted


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